Life, Death and the In-Between

18 08 2012



I have been thinking about end of life issues this week

It started with my elderly cat – he is 88 years old in human years – and his problems with his hind foot.

He’s been checked by the vet and all blood work and urine tests were okay.  We

think we are looking at arthritis in that leg and will probably need to try steroids to treat it.

My mom-in-law and I talked about old pets and euthanasia.  She and I agree that if an animal is in pain and is suffering it is kindest to have them put to sleep.

Her son and his common law wife differ in their thinking – they will spare no expense to keep their pets (cats) alive no matter the cost or the treatment involved.  They are also vegan, so perhaps this attitude ties in to their lifestyle.

I do not feel it necessary to prolong life once the best is gone, and there is pain
involved for a pet. I think it is kindness to stop the suffering.


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