25 02 2017

Here it is, almost the end of February. The holiday season has passed, the groundhog has seen or not seen his shadow and spring is just around the corner!

I moved last month, and think I will enjoy living in a small city. The people are much friendlier in the shops here than the staff in the big city. They tend to look right through you when they wait on you.

I am about to begin a new cross stitch project. I have several short stories that I must edit in order to get an ebook put together to sell on Amazon.

I have purchased a book on drawing, something I have wanted to learn for a long time. I hope to progress to the use of pastels and/or acrylic paints later on.

Has the year been good to you, reader, so far?

The losses of the family members and other persons in my life has stopped for the time being. I have not got a lot of other people left to lose! The numbers are dwindling. I suppose I could join the senior’s center and find some new friends, but I am something of an introvert and like to be alone with projects. My older sister is the same way.In fact, my mother was that way too. Mmmmm I guess it is in the family then!

Speaking of which, my genealogy research suffered somewhat with the busyness of moving too. As you see I have all sorts of excuses to not work on this blog! That may yet change.


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