Merry Christmas

24 12 2016

It has been quite some time since I posted last. We have resisted the temptation to get another cat or a dog.

Since there is no cat, this year the Christmas tree has tinsel on it, and I have a pointsettia on the coffee table. Couldn’t do either with the kitty in the house.

Now, I had some health issues, but they are fully resolved. We are moving house in January, and after that I have great plans to write more. Here and elsewhere, as I have more than one blog.

This one originated, I suppose, because I wanted to post more personal things rather than write on a certain subject.

The past couple of years, I lost my mother-in-law, my step-mother-in-law, my sister-in-law and my older sister.

It makes one take a step back and rethink their relationships and life in general.

I have a great many interests that I hope to work on more once we’ve moved house.

In the meantime, I wish that anyone reading this will have a blessed holiday season.



Senior Cat

3 07 2016

I decided to come to this blog and post tonight, after neglecting it terribly for a very long while.

I had forgotten about the post when Kitty was nineteen. Kitty is gone now. On June 21, 2016, we had to take him in to the veterinarian and have him put to sleep. He had seemed incredibly healthy and was doing well, despite a diagnosis of slow failing kidneys, but on the morning on June 21, I cleaned up some dry cat food that he’d threw up (he often threw up) and there was bright red blood mixed in.

It was time, and Kitty passed away in peace with both his owners with him.

He was 21 years, one month and 21 days old. He had a good and happy life, so that is some consolation.

It happened so quickly, though, from seemingly good health, to sickness.

If you have a pet, treasure your time with him/her.


In-Laws and Quality of Life

1 09 2012


This past week we have dealing with the in-laws and their health issues.

I am trying to decide what steps my husband and I should take to prepare for the last few years of our lives. The in-laws have hoarding and denial issues, so things are difficult. We do have the assistance of some other family members who only want the best outcome for them so that is really a help.

I have no illusions that my son and his wife will be any help at all – they are way to busy with their own lives and have absolutely no interest in us and our aging related problems.

Truthfully, I would love to be able to tell them that ‘we are moving’ *somewhere far away* and we’ll let them know when we are settled, but that is an unrealistic dream.

It is really depressing to know that your children cannot be relied on to do the best for you and to help when it is needed.

Oh well, we will cope as is necessary.


Good, Bad, Evil, Innocent

7 07 2012

I have been wondering about modern ideas of right and wrong.

When I was a kid, we had definite boundaries as to what was good and bad – if you were good, you might get a treat, or a kind word or two “that’s a good girl”.

If you were bad, heaven help you – you’d most likely get a swat or two on the behind.

And you *knew that what you did was wrong*.

Today, the psychiatrists make excuses for horrible crimes, and we learn that studies find that spanking causes all sorts of unhealthy adult behavior and even mental illnesses. So — all of us older adults who got spanked must be wackos then?

I beg to differ! These so called authorities are the nut cases and I do not like where society is heading, with all this misinformation.

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