Our Pets

4 03 2014

I have a cat who will be nineteen years old in May of this year. He has been with me since he was two years old. We found him advertised in the Pet Classifieds, in a local paper. This was before the arrival in Kujiji. When we went to see him, the girls at the house, who also had three other cats, told us that he’d been given to someone was a kitten, and that someone had then returned him to them, as the pet owner had a “life threatening illness.”

While I do not know anything further about this person, I did learn more about this cat. When we took him to the nearest vet, for a checkup and shots, they noticed the tattoo in his ear. It was one of theirs! The vet was able to identify the cat, and access the records for his shots history and neutering! Small world.

He has been a wonderful pet, very intelligent and gentle, despite weighing nearly twenty pounds.

He has a long haired coat, and we have a groomer who is not afraid of cats, to shave his coat every few months.

I probably do not need to point out that kitty is strictly an indoor cat. I feel very strongly about this issue. There are far too many dangers to a cat, let outside. The vet has mentioned that the average life of an outdoor cat is about two years, at most. For an indoor cat, perhaps eighteen to twenty.

While I am not a dog owner, I will say that I also believe a dog deserves to live indoors as well. Not tied outside and left alone for hours at a time.

So far kitty is healthy and appears ready for his nineteenth birthday celebrations. I think he will have a small treat of tuna on that day.


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