Senior Cat

3 07 2016

I decided to come to this blog and post tonight, after neglecting it terribly for a very long while.

I had forgotten about the post when Kitty was nineteen. Kitty is gone now. On June 21, 2016, we had to take him in to the veterinarian and have him put to sleep. He had seemed incredibly healthy and was doing well, despite a diagnosis of slow failing kidneys, but on the morning on June 21, I cleaned up some dry cat food that he’d threw up (he often threw up) and there was bright red blood mixed in.

It was time, and Kitty passed away in peace with both his owners with him.

He was 21 years, one month and 21 days old. He had a good and happy life, so that is some consolation.

It happened so quickly, though, from seemingly good health, to sickness.

If you have a pet, treasure your time with him/her.





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