27 10 2012

We got the in-laws settled, as mother-in-law went home this past week, temporary until she  goes to a lodge. Father-in-law will follow. He is a bit better to cope than she is, with staying at home, with HomeCare coming in.

She has quit smoking! She started at age 13, and is about 73 years old now, but 2
months in hospital and the temporary lodge got her settled to be a quitter.

I am encouraging her twice a week,when we meet on the computer via Skype to
continue to not smoke, and keep her goals in mind.

We are very proud of her, to stick with the no smoking. Her voice is stronger and she no longer coughs after a bit of conversation.

For any smokers out there, it is never too late to quit. If she can do it, so can you!


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