And So It Goes

8 09 2012

Mother-in-law is doing well and should be home soon, or in a senior’s lodge. Son has still not been here to visit or to bring our coffee, which his company sells. We get our orders from him, but have to wait until he has time to bring the supply.

I have been stressed out from the visiting at the hospital, but of course that is what one does when family needs us and is ill.

I am so tired. Does it get better? I don’t believe it does. When one crisis is over another seems to appear.

I have been thinking about the educational system and a news report that students at one school were not to have marks of 0% even if they did not submit a report for grading. The teacher who gave a 0% is probably going to lose his job. No wonder we have such poor quality young people that cannot show up for work because they have no ambition and no sense of self respect or initiative.

What happened to the teachers with training in university that learned psychology
and how to interact with young people? Seems to be lost in the sea of political correctedness and that is a major loss to society.




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