In-Laws and Quality of Life

1 09 2012


This past week we have dealing with the in-laws and their health issues.

I am trying to decide what steps my husband and I should take to prepare for the last few years of our lives. The in-laws have hoarding and denial issues, so things are difficult. We do have the assistance of some other family members who only want the best outcome for them so that is really a help.

I have no illusions that my son and his wife will be any help at all – they are way to busy with their own lives and have absolutely no interest in us and our aging related problems.

Truthfully, I would love to be able to tell them that ‘we are moving’ *somewhere far away* and we’ll let them know when we are settled, but that is an unrealistic dream.

It is really depressing to know that your children cannot be relied on to do the best for you and to help when it is needed.

Oh well, we will cope as is necessary.





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