Wrestling or not

11 08 2012

I have been a professional wrestling fan for years. Used to watch very late night shows in Alberta, of Stampede Wrestling.  If you’ve ever read a book by Bret Hart, you will learn a bit about the history of the family and the wrestling story in western Canada.

I now watch WWE but it just isn’t the same. In the ‘old days’ there were ‘real’ good and bad guys, so that you always knew who to cheer for, and the referees were always blind to the nasty things the bad guys did. but it made for good drama and good wrestling bouts.

Seems to me that the lines have become blurred between good and bad and that there are no more reasons to cheer for the good guys, or at least not as much as in the old days.

Have we become, in our society, in general, so forgiving of the bad, and so accepting of it, that ‘good’ is no longer a clear concept?

I hope not.




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