Life, Death and the In-Between

18 08 2012



I have been thinking about end of life issues this week

It started with my elderly cat – he is 88 years old in human years – and his problems with his hind foot.

He’s been checked by the vet and all blood work and urine tests were okay.  We

think we are looking at arthritis in that leg and will probably need to try steroids to treat it.

My mom-in-law and I talked about old pets and euthanasia.  She and I agree that if an animal is in pain and is suffering it is kindest to have them put to sleep.

Her son and his common law wife differ in their thinking – they will spare no expense to keep their pets (cats) alive no matter the cost or the treatment involved.  They are also vegan, so perhaps this attitude ties in to their lifestyle.

I do not feel it necessary to prolong life once the best is gone, and there is pain
involved for a pet. I think it is kindness to stop the suffering.


Wrestling or not

11 08 2012

I have been a professional wrestling fan for years. Used to watch very late night shows in Alberta, of Stampede Wrestling.  If you’ve ever read a book by Bret Hart, you will learn a bit about the history of the family and the wrestling story in western Canada.

I now watch WWE but it just isn’t the same. In the ‘old days’ there were ‘real’ good and bad guys, so that you always knew who to cheer for, and the referees were always blind to the nasty things the bad guys did. but it made for good drama and good wrestling bouts.

Seems to me that the lines have become blurred between good and bad and that there are no more reasons to cheer for the good guys, or at least not as much as in the old days.

Have we become, in our society, in general, so forgiving of the bad, and so accepting of it, that ‘good’ is no longer a clear concept?

I hope not.

Aging or What?

4 08 2012

The other day there was a power outage, and then the carbon monoxide detector on the main floor started to chirp a warning.  Scared me really.  So I phoned the fire department, and they sent a truck.

I really, really, hated to bother them, but one never knows…..

The truck pulled up and two firemen came into the yard where I was waiting.

I told them that it was the detector on the main floor that was sounding an alarm, and that the one on the lower level was quiet.

One firemen went upstairs, one down.

The fellow who’d gone upstairs came out and the one who’d gone downstairs also came back outside.

The guy who had gone upstairs said to me, “It’s a smoke detector, not a carbon monoxide detector.

What did he think I was, an idiot?!!

Of course there was a smoke detector on the ceiling, but the carbon monoxide detector was in the wall outlet, at floor level.

I told him so, and the other guy went back inside, and brought out the carbon monoxide detector.

I was told

1. replace these every 5 years or so

2. they are very susceptible to dust

3. always check the battery

One firemen proceeded to remove the battery and told me to leave the carbon monoxide detector outside in the air for about 8 hours before putting in a new battery and installing it again.

He said they get about a 1000 calls a year on these things.

So, I have learned a bit about carbon monoxide detectors, learned that they do need some maintenance, and learned that older women may be subject to insults to their intelligence.

Perhaps he thought I was an idiot, but I think he was the idiot.

Am I to expect more of this sort of treatment, as I get older, I wonder?

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