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21 07 2012


Just listening to Shoutcast this evening, drinking a beer, and thinking.  I remember when my brother-in-law and the other guys in the band (rock) were in town back in the 80’s and we had a conversation about ‘classic music’.  I mentioned that someday the 80’s music was going to be ‘old’ music too.  Kind of made the band members stop and think, lol.

But it’s true, isn’t it? What we like to listen to today will be the oldies of tomorrow.

And the people we see and interact with will be old and pass away – if they are lucky, to die of old age and not for some other reason. And time goes on, and the music is always there, just different, with each generation.


To Say Goodbye

14 07 2012

I have been thinking about the people we meet in our everyday lives, and how we often take them for granted.

Oh how easy it is to forget that we won’t be around forever. Take the time to appreciate the little things and don’t ever forget the people that pass before us.

I don’t often feel appreciated the way I’d wish to be appreciated but maybe the worst is to be ignored, and never thought of at all.

I have spent the evening with friends and significant others thinking of a friend who passed away a few months ago, and it was good. As good as such a thing can be.  I wonder, though, will anyone remember me the same way when I am gone?

Maybe that is rather selfish. The friend lost is gone forever, and forever missed.


Good, Bad, Evil, Innocent

7 07 2012

I have been wondering about modern ideas of right and wrong.

When I was a kid, we had definite boundaries as to what was good and bad – if you were good, you might get a treat, or a kind word or two “that’s a good girl”.

If you were bad, heaven help you – you’d most likely get a swat or two on the behind.

And you *knew that what you did was wrong*.

Today, the psychiatrists make excuses for horrible crimes, and we learn that studies find that spanking causes all sorts of unhealthy adult behavior and even mental illnesses. So — all of us older adults who got spanked must be wackos then?

I beg to differ! These so called authorities are the nut cases and I do not like where society is heading, with all this misinformation.

Think the Worst, Assume the Best

1 07 2012

I think that when we worry about what *might be* and don’t check the facts, it is too easy to assume the worst instead of focusing on the positive.

My son and daughter in law rarely come to visit but they are busy with their work, my grand daughter and their own lives, so I can either choose to think that I come dead last in their priorities, or that they simply are a bit ADHD and can’t focus on what’s important.

It’s a matter of choosing to be affected by how they treat me, or choosing to be self sufficient and *not* affected by the behavior of others, since their choices are not a part of my life.

Sad but true!


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