And So It Goes

30 06 2012

I wonder how we deal best with stress? I love listening to music on Shoutcast with my Winamp player on Friday nights.

I have been under some stress lately since I realized that my son, with whom I reunited some years ago, after an adoption, had not been in contact with me for some months.

I was upset for some weeks, as the circumstances were very unhappy when I gave him up for adoption – but after a lot of input from my mother-in-law and husband – I feel better. After all, after these many years we have been reunited, surely he would feel safe to ask if he has questions, and maybe I must ask if there is a problem?

It is very easy to simply to avoid a confrontation and assume the worst, but it is more logical to ask first and try to find out what the problem may be instead…….





23 06 2012

I have just moved here from which insists, whether you choose it or not, to change the url to a address if you are in Canada. Stupid? Yes. And the reason I am moving. Come along with me. I won’t promise to post often, but I will try. I won’t promise to always be interesting, but I will try.

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