25 02 2017

Here it is, almost the end of February. The holiday season has passed, the groundhog has seen or not seen his shadow and spring is just around the corner!

I moved last month, and think I will enjoy living in a small city. The people are much friendlier in the shops here than the staff in the big city. They tend to look right through you when they wait on you.

I am about to begin a new cross stitch project. I have several short stories that I must edit in order to get an ebook put together to sell on Amazon.

I have purchased a book on drawing, something I have wanted to learn for a long time. I hope to progress to the use of pastels and/or acrylic paints later on.

Has the year been good to you, reader, so far?

The losses of the family members and other persons in my life has stopped for the time being. I have not got a lot of other people left to lose! The numbers are dwindling. I suppose I could join the senior’s center and find some new friends, but I am something of an introvert and like to be alone with projects. My older sister is the same way.In fact, my mother was that way too. Mmmmm I guess it is in the family then!

Speaking of which, my genealogy research suffered somewhat with the busyness of moving too. As you see I have all sorts of excuses to not work on this blog! That may yet change.


Merry Christmas

24 12 2016

It has been quite some time since I posted last. We have resisted the temptation to get another cat or a dog.

Since there is no cat, this year the Christmas tree has tinsel on it, and I have a pointsettia on the coffee table. Couldn’t do either with the kitty in the house.

Now, I had some health issues, but they are fully resolved. We are moving house in January, and after that I have great plans to write more. Here and elsewhere, as I have more than one blog.

This one originated, I suppose, because I wanted to post more personal things rather than write on a certain subject.

The past couple of years, I lost my mother-in-law, my step-mother-in-law, my sister-in-law and my older sister.

It makes one take a step back and rethink their relationships and life in general.

I have a great many interests that I hope to work on more once we’ve moved house.

In the meantime, I wish that anyone reading this will have a blessed holiday season.


Senior Cat

3 07 2016

I decided to come to this blog and post tonight, after neglecting it terribly for a very long while.

I had forgotten about the post when Kitty was nineteen. Kitty is gone now. On June 21, 2016, we had to take him in to the veterinarian and have him put to sleep. He had seemed incredibly healthy and was doing well, despite a diagnosis of slow failing kidneys, but on the morning on June 21, I cleaned up some dry cat food that he’d threw up (he often threw up) and there was bright red blood mixed in.

It was time, and Kitty passed away in peace with both his owners with him.

He was 21 years, one month and 21 days old. He had a good and happy life, so that is some consolation.

It happened so quickly, though, from seemingly good health, to sickness.

If you have a pet, treasure your time with him/her.


Our Pets

4 03 2014

I have a cat who will be nineteen years old in May of this year. He has been with me since he was two years old. We found him advertised in the Pet Classifieds, in a local paper. This was before the arrival in Kujiji. When we went to see him, the girls at the house, who also had three other cats, told us that he’d been given to someone was a kitten, and that someone had then returned him to them, as the pet owner had a “life threatening illness.”

While I do not know anything further about this person, I did learn more about this cat. When we took him to the nearest vet, for a checkup and shots, they noticed the tattoo in his ear. It was one of theirs! The vet was able to identify the cat, and access the records for his shots history and neutering! Small world.

He has been a wonderful pet, very intelligent and gentle, despite weighing nearly twenty pounds.

He has a long haired coat, and we have a groomer who is not afraid of cats, to shave his coat every few months.

I probably do not need to point out that kitty is strictly an indoor cat. I feel very strongly about this issue. There are far too many dangers to a cat, let outside. The vet has mentioned that the average life of an outdoor cat is about two years, at most. For an indoor cat, perhaps eighteen to twenty.

While I am not a dog owner, I will say that I also believe a dog deserves to live indoors as well. Not tied outside and left alone for hours at a time.

So far kitty is healthy and appears ready for his nineteenth birthday celebrations. I think he will have a small treat of tuna on that day.

Those Whiny Inlaws

11 01 2014

I have a confession to make. I hate talking with my mother-in-law. Why? Because she’s a whiner.

I know we need to have some patient with the elderly, but sometimes it ‘s better to avoid the problems in the first place.

She gets depressed and then she starts to think, going over and over all the worst things that have happened in her life, and then she thinks of all the mistakes she’s made. Then she moves on to all the mean things her husband, relatives and friends have done to her. It becomes a huge ball of darkness that weighs down on her and makes her unable to think of anything else.

She’s been on medications for her mental health issues over the years, but refuses to take them most of the time. She won’t help herself. She’d rather whine and be a martyr.

I had been her nearly sole support and outlet for her feelings for two years or more, but since her move to the senior’s home, she and I have not been meeting up via the computer like we used to do. My health issues, also, have been another reason.

I won’t ever go back to the way it was – her complaining, while I listened. It was too much of a downer for me.

She now has activities at the senior’s home so she doesn’t need to rely on me as her only interaction with the outside world anymore. I am glad of that. I can stay away without feeling too bad. I deserved better. That is something I have learned over this past year.

So she is there, and I am here, and I am happy. Her, not so much.

New Year, New Start

4 01 2014


I am back after a long hiatus. Health issues resolved, sort of.

The in-laws are doing well, both happy in their respective lodges. My father-in-law has reduced kidney function so we do not expect him to be around forever.He and the mother-in-law have both gone back to being smokers.

My husband’s birth mom, at 87, has been diagnosed with inoperable liver and pancreatic cancer. She was given six months, and that was in October.There are others with health issues in the family, too.

2013 was not a good year. I hope that 2014 is better. I always love the beginning of a new year. The new calendar on the wall, and new days ahead.Perhaps I will write more, and more often now.


Health Issues

6 04 2013

I’ve had some health issues going on, and I have not been able to post here as often as I’d like.

The inlaws are doing well in their new lodgings. My father-in-law phoned when he learned about my health problems and wished me the best. He is a dear person.

My mother-in-law has also been in touch often. So I have their support which helps a great deal.

I hope to continue to post here, once the health problems are resolved.


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